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Congratulations on getting your new Streetfighter @RockJohn! Welcome to the forum! What do you think of the bike so far? How does it compare to other bikes you've owned? Do you have any photos you can share?
I'll have to take some pics tomorrow and post them here. My only complaint is that there's no fuel gauge. This is the first bike I've had in years that didn't have it - relying on idiot lights, which can be challenging. I sent a suggestion to Ducati through their website and was told they wouldn't be adding it in the future. Likely due to not having the proper sensor in the tank I'm sure. Other than that I'm loving it. I've added a bunch of mods already:

  • Heated grips
  • Carbon pillion cover
  • Tail tidy
  • Carbon winglets
  • Winglet mount turn signals
  • Carbon heel guards
  • Rizoma CF windscreen
  • Evotech radiator guards and rear peg delete

Waiting for CF front and rear mudguards, swing arm cover, frame covers, Akropovic slip ons and chain guard (all on order) and that should do it!
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